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What is USDCrypto?

USDCrypto (USDC) is a full-featured token that, like other electronic currencies, is used globally to meet the needs of trading, exchanging, paying, and international financial services. USDCrypto is converted to currency equivalent to other currencies such as USD, EUR, Yen, Yuan ...

USDCrypto is based on Blockchain technology that allows users to store, send, receive, pay like Bitcoin or coin from one person to another globally. USDCrypto platform is built securely, absolute security mechanism.

How to use USDCrypto?

USDCrypto was launched with the purpose of supporting financial services, transaction, conversion, online trading instead of USD exchange of crypto currency. Currently USDCrypto allows users to exchange from Ethereum (ETH) to USDC.

USDCrypto is the best solution to solve the lack of transparency regarding financial, currency conversion.

We believe that USDCrypto will provide the market with a reliable crypto currency unit for traders, consumers and businesses using crypto currency as a trading unit.

Users can access to buy or exchange USDC here

The future of USDCrypto?

USDCrypto is not an Altcoin or competes with Ethereum but acts as a strong supporter for this currency. Meaning, USDC will support broader use of ETH, users will be more attractive when buying and selling ETH in USDC or vice versa. In particular, USDCrypto is a currency on Blockchain so USDCrypto will a future generation with real assets and digital assets that we are concentrating on is crypto currency.

Value of USDCrypto (USDC)

USDCrypto will be the common coin, coin buy and sell, as intermediary for other coin deals. So, like other dollars, USDCrypto still fluctuates according to the market, USDC exchange rate in USD at this time 1 USDC = ~ 1 USD.

The operating principle of USDCrypto

Visit usdcrypto.io and follow these steps:

Step 1: Recharge USD or ETH to buy USDC

Step 2: USDCrypto (USDC) is a Token (a similar form of stock issuance). The amount of USD you will be charged is equivalent to USDT you bought.

Step 3: Begin trading, trading, arbitrage.

Step 4: If you do not want to hold USDC anymore you can sell back USD or bring this USDC number to invest in ETH or vice versa.

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